Security Fencing and Artificial Grass in Epsom

Kings Landscapes has excellent relationships with residential property owners in the nearby Epsom area and we feel proud to help them with their landscaping, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance needs. We feel equally proud of our work in the commercial sector, where our landscapers and fencing contractors deliver practical solutions for businesses, organisations, schools, sports clubs, housing associations and local authorities.


Two of the most common commercial services we provide in Epsom are artificial grass and security fencing installations – two landscaping disciplines requiring a special skills set.


Very few landscaping companies deal with artificial grass because knowledge on how to lay the product requires a significant amount of extra training. It’s easy to say the same for security fencing. We personally know of landscaping and fencing contractors who only work with timber and that’s fine. Nobody should construct a type of fencing they aren’t familiar with. Our own personnel have 30+ years of experience in the use of steel security fencing.


Our modern hard landscaping skills provide commercial clients in the Epsom area with the products they need. We complement these skills with a full grounds maintenance service.


The Benefits of Artificial Grass


The lush green turf of Wimbledon, Lords and other famous sporting venues often inspires landscaping themes, and artificial grass is by far the best way to guarantee the sought-after appearance of that perfect English lawn. This, however, is just one benefit. Our product requires less ground maintenance, reduces water use and has many different applications.


Here, we explain some of the wider benefits artificial grass can provide for commercial environments in Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area:


• Using artificial grass in a landscaping theme reduces water use by as much as 70%. Global average water use to keep genuine turf in good condition is 250 litres per person, per day, and as much as 550 litres in hot weather conditions

• With natural grass, businesses and organisations in Epsom have to pay more for ongoing grounds maintenance. While artificial grass still requires a certain amount of seasonal care, it is by no means as extensive as dealing with real grass

• Because it cleans easily, requires no pesticide for maintenance and has soft blades, artificial grass is a safer option for children’s play areas. If dogs urinate on the surface, perforated backings let fluid drain through to the ground

• Artificial grass makes a great choice for landscaping themes on rented properties in Epsom. Tenants often overlook garden and grounds maintenance on a home they don’t own. An artificial lawn gives landlords an alternative choice

• Business properties tend to be bigger than residential properties and have more shaded areas where natural grass attracts moss. Unlike a real lawn or grassed area, an artificial product doesn’t need sunlight to keep it in good condition

• Even small land-based businesses in Epsom need to think about kerb appeal. It’s hard to uphold a good exterior appearance without wasting manpower or paying for grounds maintenance. Artificial grass needs the absolute minimum of care


The Benefits of Security Fencing


Kings Landscapes is the landscaping side of our business. Our fencing contractors work for our sister company, Kings Fencing, and provide services in the domestic and commercial sectors. Security fencing for your Epsom business should always be a major consideration, especially if you keep assets onsite or trade in an area that might be vulnerable to attack.


Below, we list some of the benefits associated with security fencing:


• Security fencing provides businesses in the Epsom with a more durable alternative to timber fencing. The galvanised steel coating last for decades, doesn’t deteriorate and very rarely requires any maintenance, repair or replacement work

• The design of palisade security fencing makes it difficult to scale or breach. In fact, the formidable appearance of the metal pales deters potential intruders long before an attempt to enter the perimeters of a business actually happens

• An installation from our fencing contractors contains commercial land space in Epsom, especially areas with car parks and shared amenities that other businesses could take advantage of without some form of security fencing in place

• Our commercial services extend to public and play areas where children congregate to have fun. The smallest lapse in concentration could see a child wander towards a busy road. Security fencing offers welcome containment to keep them safe

• Our fencing contractors in Epsom recommend steel security fencing because it doesn’t need an annual treatment to keep it in good condition. We provide an installation that looks professional and never rusts or deteriorates

Call 01306 713159 to discuss landscaping, security fencing and artificial grass. We cover Epsom, Surrey and West Sussex as an approved Bali and Safe Contractor company.

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