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If you own a home or a business property in the Haywards Heath area and require a dedicated garden, business or school grounds maintenance service, look no further than Kings Landscapes. Located in Dorking, our commercial landscaping company specialises in panel fencing, security fencing and artificial grass. We also maintain land around domestic and commercial properties by providing our customers with a full range of solutions under the banner of a single business.


Our landscaping and fencing contractors care deeply about the quality of product supplied so, on this page, Kings Landscapes takes an in-depth look at what goes into our panel fencing, security fencing and artificial grass.


We also discuss the history of these products.


The professionalism we bring to jobs in Haywards Heath makes us a preferred choice for home, business and school grounds maintenance in Surrey, West Sussex and the South East.


Artificial Grass


Artificial grass first came to prominence during the 1960s through its use in American sporting arenas. The first venue to have artificial grass was the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Since then, artificial products have become a low-maintenance choice for residential lawns and recreational applications too. Durability and minimal maintenance see customers in Haywards Heath appreciating its “NO FUSS – NO MUSS” nature.


The technology behind artificial grass has come a long way since its initial inception but most manufacturers still produce it in much the same way. Artificial grass has layers made from materials used in carpet manufacture, like woven polyester and jute, for a stronger backing. Our commercial and school grounds maintenance team sews rubber made from shredded tyres, or sand, between the nylon blades.


This provides underfoot cushioning and further galvanises the durability of artificial grass.


The result is a robust, durable and hardwearing surface that requires practically no maintenance from property owners in the Haywards Heath area and, in turn, only needs minimal attention from our commercial landscaping company.


Timber Panel Fencing


The personnel at our garden and grounds maintenance company have installed most fencing types over the past 30 years. The most common timber materials used for domestic and commercial fencing projects in Haywards Heath are pine, fir and spruce. This is because they all have exceptional durability. These types of fencing have insecticidal preservatives known as CCA (Chromate Copper Arsenate) which deter insects like termites.


The fencing contractors at Kings Landscapes only use pressure-treated panels with a water-repellent stain to prevent the splitting, cracking, rot and damage caused by damp weather.


You may wish to consider some of the other fencing varieties we have available to improve the aesthetics of your Haywards Heath home or business. For example, bamboo fencing gives an Oriental feel to gardens and it is one of the hardiest woods in our sector. Post-and-rail fencing provides excellent containment for livestock and, when built by a skilled commercial landscaping company, is perfect for smallholdings.


Our fencing contractors also construct pickets, trellises, screens, posts and gates. The commercial and school grounds maintenance team at Kings Landscapes has experience in fitting fencing to suit the needs of all customers and clients. All types of timber fencing work well alongside lawns, borders and planters. They also blend in with modern artificial grass.


Security Fencing


Because of its versatile and robust nature, our commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance company likes to use steel palisade fencing on properties in Haywards Heath that require better security. The term “palisade” comes from the individual pales (or posts) that this fencing consists of. Did you know palisade security fencing has been in use since the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans? It was used to protect their military camps with a fearsome wall of wooden stakes.


The design gave the enemy an unmistakeable message to KEEP AWAY – OR ELSE!


The palisade style used by our fencing contractors is a cold-rolled steel, a treatment often used for industrial products because of its high tensile strength and an advanced turning process that eliminates surface flaws. We understand the need to protect valuable assets at commercial properties in Haywards Heath. Our garden, business and school grounds maintenance personnel choose palisade security fencing as an effective deterrent against potential intruders.


Like any reputable commercial landscaping company in the South East area, we always guarantee our fencing, our artificial grass and the quality standards of our workmanship.

Call 01306 713159 to discuss panel fencing, security fencing and artificial grass. We cover Haywards Heath as approved BALI and Alcumus Safe Contractors.

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