Grounds Maintenance in Leatherhead | A Valuable Service

Already a renowned and trusted name in Surrey, West Sussex and the South East, Kings Landscapes is the reliable choice for garden and grounds maintenance in Leatherhead. Providing landscaping, artificial grass installation and security fencing construction services for domestic and commercial clients, our name is synonymous with quality, client care and professional service delivery. We have 30+ years of local and regional trading experience.


On this page, we give you three key reasons to use our garden and grounds maintenance services, and explain how Kings Landscapes fulfils the needs of customers in Leatherhead.


If, after reading this page, you feel we could be of help to your domestic or commercial project, please call us on 01306 713159. We provide traditional soft landscaping services to develop a theme around your home or business, and supporting hard landscaping services to establish permanent features such as driveways, patios, fencing and garden sheds.




Our grounds maintenance team has made artificial grass a popular choice for recreational environments in Leatherhead. These environments include playgrounds, football pitches and even the areas around outdoor swimming pools. Natural grass is potentially hazardous for children because it often has divots and disease. Also, dependant on the weather, muddy areas and bare patches cause slips, falls and grazes, not to mention messy clothes.


With artificial grass, none of these hazards are an issue. The products we supply give public amenity owners and those who use artificial surfaces a certain peace of mind.


When installing artificial grass, our BALI-approved grounds maintenance team conducts initial excavation and groundwork to create a flat, even surface for laying synthetic material. This results in a more professional installation. If you choose to hire us contractually instead of on a one-off basis, we return to sweep artificial grass, rinse it to remove staining and treat it for moss. This infrequent maintenance keeps installations looking clean and pristine.


Even if you have artificial grass laid by another company, our grounds maintenance team assists in maintaining it to keep installations in Leatherhead both safe and practical. Should you need us to, we can protect your recreational area with traditional or security fencing.




Commercial property owners might not have the funding to retain a full-time team of facility workers. Likewise, homeowners in Leatherhead often find they don’t have the time in their schedules for ongoing gardening or landscaping work. Our garden and grounds maintenance team works on a one-off or contractual basis, taking care of the jobs you don’t have the time – or the resources – to do yourself. We offer simple, practical and affordable solutions.


Whatever you need us for, Kings Landscapes delivers the highest standards of workmanship and aims for operational excellence on each and every project in the Leatherhead area.


If you need us to maintain artificial grass, panel fencing or a hard landscaping feature, we’ll be there to assist you. If you want to add a new landscaping element to your garden, we’ll help with that too. Kings Landscapes also provides the more basic grounds maintenance services you need, such as lawn care, planting programs, tree surgery and paving work.


We even erect security fencing to keep commercial properties in Leatherhead protected.


Privacy and Security


For the peace of mind it provides, it’s very little wonder our panel and security fencing earns so much appreciation from domestic customers and commercial clients alike. Leatherhead homeowners invest into fencing for the privacy it brings to their properties. A close-board or lap-style of fencing allows them to relax in their gardens without concerns over prying eyes. Just as importantly, these fencing types safely contain small children and family pets.


Those living in rural areas just outside Leatherhead, especially those with smallholdings, come to us for post-and-rail fencing as a means of keeping control over their livestock.


Commercial property owners in Leatherhead, and many schools, hospitals and business parks in the town, come to our landscaping and grounds maintenance team for security fencing. Steel palisade security fencing deters potential intruders and thieves, and offers vital protection for assets, employees and even members of the general public.


The palisade style of security fencing dates back to the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, when “pales” or wooden stakes protected military strongholds. Today’s modern palisade security fencing has a steel construction and provides commercial properties in the Leatherhead area with vital 24-hour protection and an essential deterrent against crime.

Call 01306 713159 to discuss panel fencing, security fencing and artificial grass. We cover Leatherhead, Surrey and West Sussex as an approved Bali and Safe Contractor company.

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