Landscaping and Fencing Contractors in Surrey

Kings Landscapes is one of the few landscaping companies in Surrey to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial customers. We have an established team of garden maintenance, grounds maintenance and fencing contractors with experience in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping. This means we can cope with the changing elements in your garden or grounds, but still have the capacity to work on patios, paving and driveways.


Most of our Surrey customers have a vision and it is our job to translate their ideas and concepts. In doing so, we develop landscaping themes over an extended period of time.


Our projects often begin with clearance work. The removal of overgrown green waste and seasonal debris leaves us with a blank canvas to create a new landscape, and sets the ball in motion for ongoing garden and grounds maintenance to continually preserve that theme.


Our soft landscaping team takes the following elements into account:


• Lawns and Green Space

• Plants, Shrubs and Bulbs

• Herbaceous Varieties

• Planters and Borders

• Seasonal Varieties

• Bushes and Hedges

• Formative Tree Pruning

• Deadwood Removal

• Tree Felling and Removal


All of these elements play an important role in the development of a landscaping theme and need careful consideration because, as the seasons change, they impact the kerb appeal of Surrey properties. These elements also dictate how well hard landscaping features, such as fencing and driveways, integrate into a soft landscaping design; an important consideration.


Please contact us on 01306 713159 to arrange a free survey and quotation.


The Hard Landscaping Theme


With all of the changing elements established, the hard landscaping and fencing contractors at Kings Landscapes go to work and construct the permanent features. Naturally, what we add to gardens in Surrey depends largely on the practical needs of the property owner. Those with hobbies might need a tool shed or storage facility. Those working from home might consider outdoor summerhouses that double up as offices for some peace and quiet.


Driveways are one of the biggest considerations, especially in parts of Surrey with an inadequate amount of street parking space. Add in the rising growth of vandalism and accident damage, and it’s easy to see why so many people want driveways for their homes.


Our hard landscaping professionals create driveways from a full range of modern materials including patterned concrete and block paving. Hard surfaces reduce the need for ongoing garden and grounds maintenance, and require very little in terms of their own care. Our company provides the excavation and groundwork needed for a successful installation.


In addition to driveways, we also fit out Surrey properties with patios and paving. Again, our landscaping team has access to a full range of materials including natural stone slabs.


Security and Privacy


With your hard and soft landscaping theme established, it’s understandable that you’ll want to enjoy it in safely and privately. This is where our fencing contractors step in to construct around your property perimeter. Homeowners in Surrey usually opt for lap-panel or close-board fencing, both of which offer enough height to keep the prying eyes of neighbours and the public at bay, but also have sufficient aesthetics so as to retain excellent kerb appeal.


For commercial properties in Surrey, our fencing contractors erect palisade fencing.


Another thing to consider is security. Any fencing that requires scaling acts as a strong deterrent to would-be intruders. The more noticeable an attempt to enter a property is, the greater the chance a neighbour will intervene or, at the very least, will contact the police. An installation from our fencing contractors protects your home and your personal assets.


Fencing also provides containment for small children and pets – another important factor in the modern age. Some customers living in more rural parts of the Surrey area opt for a post-and-rail fencing style, a traditional construction perfect for containing livestock.

Call 01306 713159 to discuss driveways, fencing and grounds maintenance. We cover Surrey and West Sussex as an approved Bali and Safe Contractor company.

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